STO "Autocentre on Stolichny"
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A few words about your company
Key words about the company
STO "Autocentre on Stolichny" - is engaged in a full cycle of professional car maintenance, covering all components and systems of your car. The service station has its own warehouse of original spare parts, so parts and assemblies are always close to the repair area of the car service, ensuring a quick and high-quality replacement. All parts purchased come with a warranty.
Our services
When choosing our service station, customers will enjoy special advantages:
High quality repair services.
Detailed diagnostics of the state of the car.
Experienced and professional professionals with a wealth of knowledge.
Car tire fitting in "Car service on Stolichny"
Tire fitting works improve the balance of disks and tires, on which the functioning of the running gear and the quality of movement of the car depend. The most important tire fitting service is considered to be during the demi-season period, when it becomes necessary to change tires from summer to winter, and vice versa.
Company advantages
Benefit 1. Repair Warranty
Benefit 2. Affordable prices for services.
Benefit 3. Experienced and professional professionals with a wealth of knowledge.

Prices for repair services at the service station "Auto Center on Stolichny"

contact phone: +724 345 4667